Thursday, July 31, 2008

Climbers into high piggies

I'm not starting out easy. In fact, I pretendeth not..this wasn't simple. But I have a GOOD subject. She may be 2 but she sits STILL for her hair (until 5 min to the end LOL).

I didn't take pics as I was going along because it was the first time I'd attempted this and I wanted to do it before she got antsy. But it really is self explanatory. I'll walk you through it anyway.

You start at the bottom and do a part all the way across the head. With short hair you have to start up higher (at least we did) than you would if you had long hair. Sophia's hair is cut in an A-line cut so her middle back is VERY short.

Make your two piggies at the bottom. Then do another part above that one and do three more piggies, one right in the center between the two below it. In the center piggy you should have half of each bottom row piggy. The other half will go into the side piggy. (This is how you do climbers, no matter WHERE it is on the head.)

Then you gather them all into piggies on the top (split that middle one again) and on your last 'pull' don't pull it all the way through, creating loops. I make them small and tug at them to make them messy.

From now on I promise to do step by step. And I"ll do this one again in a few weeks to get some better step shots.

Edited: I saw this on from one of her readers. Well that reader has started a blog so I can credit her now.


You CAN do hairstyles on little girl's SHORT hair!

The proof is in the blog.

I love looking at hair blogs, but I'm sad that there aren't any of SHORT hair. At least that I've found. So here I am, modifying all these cute styles that I see on long hair blogs. It CAN be done most of the time. I PROMISE. Sometimes you just get creative ;)