Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giveaway!! Cutearrific!

Cheekybabyboutique is donating another bow! I'm so excited for this one too. It's just beyond adorable. I decided to do this one while I'm gone so it'll be up for a LOOOOONG time. Today through at LEAST Sunday the 7th (I know, right?) MAKE SURE TO CHECK BACK. I've had some people enter and not check back and not leave a way for me to contact them so they miss out!

Now, on to the giveaway.

The winner will receive ONE snowperson bow. You pick snowman or snowgirl. (Snowgirl's bow color can be changed)

If you'd like to purchase these, she said she'd take off 1 dollar off for mentioning that you came from RockinShorty. (Purchase but don't pay, let her know where you're from and she'll invoice you) She can do pairs however you want them, just let her know! She can also help you check out if you don't have an etsy site if you email her at

Post a reply (gasp!)

Refer people. And tell them to tell me where they came from in their reply. If you refer the most people, you'll win something too!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Down to basics

A few people asked if I'd do some simpler stuff and some of the basics because their shorty doesn't have as much as mine. So I did these all in one sitting which should cover the excuses of A- hey those are sloppy and uneven, B- nice faces, kid and C- Uhm what's with the gross looking bows.

The closer in the middle piggies. These look good with boutique bows..makes them close together.

Yes. It IS a Christmas stocking.

These are piggies pulled down further on the head, the bows didn't wanna stay in this one today. In this one you can have the bows in front of the piggies (like I did in this) or you can have them on the sides (so on the top of the head).

Piggies in back

Some people didn't quite 'get' my version of messy pony. (Ya it's a Christmas tree.)
So moving on from the tree. Stop staring at it. Thanksgiving is next weekend ok.
No really, moving on.

Wrap the rubber band around a few times and then hold the band..

Like this

Then roll it down over the hair.

Then just tug here and there to messy it up

Straighten the hair underneath to sorta 'fan' out.

Yes. More trees. Look at the pony. Focus.

This one looks GREAT with a small bow in front, perfect for ballet class.

I did a video too..I was just going to do the video but some people don't like watching videos and some people NEED videos, so there. Now we have both. Note that shorty agrees with my tutorial.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Well..shoot. Zig Zags puffy braids..or something

So really, this was gonna be MUCH cooler than it is. I WAS going to do this all around her head, but she would NOT sit still. So I took a bunch out and stuck with the top, which wasn't as effective looking. I'll post it anyway, and you can see what I was GOING to do and try that for yourself.

This is what WAS going to happen.

Did it all the way around..

Then I did a sort of zig zag with they slanted off to one side. You can see a remaining green band over her ear, that was later removed along with all the others except the top three.

Then I did one more zag and went back the other way.

As you can see, the plan was to go all the way around the head, which would work if your girly will sit still. Then end up in the middle wherever you want..I'd probably do some big curls and pin them in the middle if I were to do it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wha? A new post?! Slanted piggies

Ya. Halloween. Stuff. N junk. I really have no other reason for not blogging. Oh and her short hair. BUT you will be SHOCKED and AMAZED that this one attention 'short in back' girls :D

Jauna did this one and sent it to me. YAY Yet another that works for thin curly and thin straight!

Here's Jauna's first and then I'll post mine and step by step :)

I made a slanted part to start. I didn't ask Jauna, but I'm not sure this is possible WITHOUT making your part first.

Then just climbers.

Same across the top! The most important part is watching where you end up. You finish the bottom one right above the ear, you gotta finish the top one right above the other ear. We were in a big hurry so the parts aren't straight and I didn't try to get all the little strays back in the ponies. Also, I think I did more elastics on the bottom than the top. Next time I'll get the numbers the same. (yup just counted. 5 top 6 bottom)