Monday, November 3, 2008

Wha? A new post?! Slanted piggies

Ya. Halloween. Stuff. N junk. I really have no other reason for not blogging. Oh and her short hair. BUT you will be SHOCKED and AMAZED that this one attention 'short in back' girls :D

Jauna did this one and sent it to me. YAY Yet another that works for thin curly and thin straight!

Here's Jauna's first and then I'll post mine and step by step :)

I made a slanted part to start. I didn't ask Jauna, but I'm not sure this is possible WITHOUT making your part first.

Then just climbers.

Same across the top! The most important part is watching where you end up. You finish the bottom one right above the ear, you gotta finish the top one right above the other ear. We were in a big hurry so the parts aren't straight and I didn't try to get all the little strays back in the ponies. Also, I think I did more elastics on the bottom than the top. Next time I'll get the numbers the same. (yup just counted. 5 top 6 bottom)


Jennw6kids said...

ok so maybe Im a little slow, at first I looked, and thought hmmmm you want one to end on the top of the head and one at the bottom weird ok but then I saw the last pics and said ok side ways thats what it says duh! So like piggies very cute!! Um to deffend myself I will say I was looking at it standing up folding clothes so thats my excuse for my ding batieness!! Love your site thank you!!

Joann said...

Cute cute! I'll have to try it out tomorrow!

Emmers said...


I suppose you COULD do it that way *ahem* on that for me LOL

Laura said...


Tigger said...

Oh, so cute. That's one reason why it would be fun to have a girl. Can't do that with boys' hair. LOL

Mindy said...

I just found your blog--it's really cute. I have one too! I was wondering if you would do a link exchange with blog is I do some short do's as well on my blog!


Bonny said...

I tried this once, but it was wonky. I'll have to follow yours and try it again.

seastartrue said...

okay she really looks like Ashley in that picture. Wow

Love ya

Emmers said...

Oh ya, I see Ashley in her a LOT. A mix of Ashley and a little younger Emily