Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"crawlers" revisited thanks Katy

got this e-mail from Katy thanks for your pictures these look great.

She said...I just First, can I say a big thank you!!! Even though my little girl has dark hair, she was still a baldy until close to her first birthday. I've looked at hair blogs before, but quickly became discouraged because she really still doesn't have much hair. Since I've learned the "crawlers" I can do so many things with her hair even though it's still pretty short. I know you did a similar post a few months back with the "shoe string" hair style. If you don't want to post this, I'm not at all offended, but thought it may be worth your reader's interest. I've included some pictures of the finished product. I'm sure just by looking at it you'll know what I did. Instead of doing the shoestrings on the top of her head, I started at the back and bottom, then finished it off with messy piggies.

Thanks again for such a helpful blog!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bound-Up Puffy Braid

Another one from Evelyn!
I didn't take step-by-step pictures because it's really simple and pretty self-explanitory, once you look at the picture.

I just did a puffy braid down the middle of my daughter's head, then, since she's got lots of little flyaways, I did a section on each side of the middle and criss-crossed them over the single section. I had two "x"s, but the second set is covered up by the bows. Oh, yeah, and after the second 'x', I just pulled the middle one in half, one for each side to make pigtails.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Gwen meets Kris Kross....

Makes you wanna Jump Jump... Sorry I couldn't help myself. I've had that title in my head for a few weeks now.
So what we did was a basic twist on this hairstyle "the gwen".

We started out about the same. You spray the hair down to get it nice and wet, or straight out of the tub works too.
Do a center part. And then I put one side in a piggy.(I guess I did both sides but don't it's more work if you do)

Then take the unponied side and part it in half. and piggy both halfs. Repeat for the other side.

Now comes the fun part. Starting on either side take one of the piggies out and then take a small section at the bottom out and put hte rest back up. It doenst have to be perfect because its just to keep the hair out of your way. Then put a rubberband around the part left out.

Do that for each section of hair.

Next you do the same thing, take another small section of hair out put the rest back up. Then you reach down to the row below it and take the pony of hair that is diagonal from the loose hair. I like to twist it some to keep it together and then twist it into that loose hair to combine it and add a piggy. For our thin hair it works best to twist it defines the cross more.

Then do it to the one on the same half of the head as before.

Then do it to the other half of the head. So it will look like 2 sets of criss crossed laces going up either half of the head.

You repeat those steps until you run out of hair. For us we stopped at 3, we usually do 4 but someone was getting a little impatient.

When you do the top or last ones make sure you add the hair in from the top of the head also. We have very little hair on top in fact its still growing in, so we added as much of it as we could, and then just combed the rest over to one side of the head. Also when pulling through the top pony you can leave it and not pull it fully through to create a messy piggy/bun, but we got lucky with the curls and it looks cute out, you could sit and curl the hair in the piggies too if you wanted to or if you're subject is sitting really well and willing to let you do so.

I usually do a clip on the top in front to hold the hair back that I combed over but didn't get a pic of it sorry. I've also done just one big bow there too. WE get lots of compliments with this hairstyle! If anyone does this we'd love to see pics of how it turned out!

and just for laughs.. my very patient 1 yr old. What was going on while I was fixing her sisters hair.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Curly Hair Basics...

This is for all you out there with a shorty with curly hair and you wonder what you can do with it or what products work best.
For starters lets meet Kyleigh,she's been on here before but now for a formal introduction.... Everyone say, Hi Kyleigh!

As you can see Ky has curly hair. Its cute but takes some work or she looks like this.

When it was shorter we could just scrunch it after she got out of the bath. We all know what scrunching is right? If not i can try and video it for you.
For now what works the best is this. Shower or bath, we recently started using Noodle Head shampoo, we got it at Sally's beauty, but expensive. almost $6 for a bottle of JUST shampoo, I'm cheap what can I say. You can catch it on sale for about 4.50. It does have detangler in with it and has a whole line of products, the mousse and gel and all that fun hair products, but I wasn't willing to spend nearly $6 per item. So i got just the shampoo. It looks like this.

We do NOT use any conditioner in her hair yet and if it gets tangled we just spray it with water, we have also used the Johnson and Johnson's detangling spray.
First thing we do is comb her hair, it gets all the knots and tangles out of it. Boy her hair looks soo long like this.

Next we scrunch it up some to bring the curls back in.

Most days we leave it like this and let it air dry. If we are going out or anything or I'm not doing her hair up, I spray it with Garnier's Curling Shaping Gel.(there was a coupon in the paper in the last couple weeks for $1 off any Garnier styling product so if you want to try it it would make it cheaper)

It doesnt take a lot just spray some on the wet hair and scrunch. You have options here you can scrunch and then leave it to air dry or you can use a hair dryer and scrunch it and blow dry, Or if you want to you can use a diffuser, we've only used a diffuser one time and it worked but i prefer the air dry method.
After all that fuss you get this.

For a simple finish we like to just comb the front/top of the hair over and hold it back with a bow, some of the time we do use a ponytail on the side then the bow. Its getting harder to do now that the hair on top is growing in more and getting thicker and of course curling!
Garnier also has a curling mousse and it work great too. It actually leaves the curls softer than the curling gel. And those of you wanting to try somethign the curling gel WILL make straight hair curly if you spray it and scrunch, if you use a diffuser or a hair dryer it helps it stay longer. The results wont be as curly as someone with natural curls but it will work.
Sorry for the not so good pictures, Little Miss didnt want to sit still for pictures.

Stay tuned next week for a really cute updo!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Little braid buns with a flip~

This week I decided to do something that I do a lot of, two small ponies on the sides. But I did a few cute things to mix it up. I am sure I copied someone somewhere... but here is my version. I braided the piggy's and made them into buns (leaving out the ends to stick up) and I zigzagged the part (I like to start at her part and then zigzag over I think she looks cuter that way.). Added a couple of bows and flipped the back hair then wallah you have a cute little do.
Here are some pictures, ignore the laundry in the background... At least it is folded! And YES I did her hair in the kitchen (gasp!). Time was of the essence. but she did get to school on time. A very quick hair do!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Polly's TCP do Revisited!

*hangs head* I have a confession to make.



I've had three people show me (more than once) and it's either my fat fingers or Sophia's ultra straight thin hair? Either way, I totally stink at it. No denying.

But I wanted to do it SO BADLY. Sophia also looks awful with no bangs. AWFUL. (I'm a loving mother, I'm just honest :P ) And then the emails started POURING in! I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN'T FRENCH BRAID! I mean..coughimnottheonlyonewhocan'tfrenchbraidcough. And surprisingly, there are a LOT of shorties who 'need' bangs too.

SO! For all of you who fit into that category, I revised Polly's adorable TCP do. This was the first attempt at it so it's uneven and such but I did it a couple days later for church and it was BEAUTIFUL (yes, should've taken pics of that one..)

Oh ya, it's just that easy. You all know how to do this one! (and if you don't. SHAME..ok here's a link. Learn it. Love it. Because it's how I 'french braid')

Excuse the nudity. Shorty's developed an issue with getting her shirts wet. *rolleyes*

Then, just like Polly's, pull the 'headband' end back into the messy piggies in the back.

Close, right?

This is before I played with the back a little more..I added some pomade and got it sticking up all cute.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shoestring Piggies

Hi, I'm a guest on here!

When my daughter decided to hack off her bangs, and some other parts of her hair, I was forced to take her from 'medium-length and kinda-curly' to 'pixie-short with no curls'. I've spent the last month and a half or so trying out hairstyles that distract from her atrocious bangs. This is one we've fallen back on a lot lately, it only takes about 10 minutes, which goes really fast when she's watching a movie or something.

Get your daughter's hair really wet. This would work really well with gel or pomade to keep the lines distinct, but I didn't have it on hand. Start with a square or rectangle on top of your daughter's head. My daughter has bangs, so we started just behind them.

Take the smallest amount you feel you can, horizontally across the front/top of the square. Pull it all the way to one side and pony-tail it.

Take the section just behind that, again, as small as you can, and pull that all the way to the opposite side of the head and ponytail it.

Take the third section of hair, pulled all the way the same direction as the first. Add the first to the third by pulling it over the second, and ponytail it.

Take the fourth section of hair, pulled the same direction as the second. Add the second to it and ponytail. Continue in this way until you've gone as far back as you want. I separated one section at the close-to-middle and did piggies today, but I've joined them into one and it's cute that way, too.

Add some bows, maybe some curls, and there you have it! (I did not add curls, since it was a 'stay-at-home' day.)

And here you can see some of her previous damage. Oh, and it's not really that uneven at the ears; she tucked one side behind her ear just before the picture. Goofy girl! :(