Friday, February 13, 2009

Curly Hair Basics...

This is for all you out there with a shorty with curly hair and you wonder what you can do with it or what products work best.
For starters lets meet Kyleigh,she's been on here before but now for a formal introduction.... Everyone say, Hi Kyleigh!

As you can see Ky has curly hair. Its cute but takes some work or she looks like this.

When it was shorter we could just scrunch it after she got out of the bath. We all know what scrunching is right? If not i can try and video it for you.
For now what works the best is this. Shower or bath, we recently started using Noodle Head shampoo, we got it at Sally's beauty, but expensive. almost $6 for a bottle of JUST shampoo, I'm cheap what can I say. You can catch it on sale for about 4.50. It does have detangler in with it and has a whole line of products, the mousse and gel and all that fun hair products, but I wasn't willing to spend nearly $6 per item. So i got just the shampoo. It looks like this.

We do NOT use any conditioner in her hair yet and if it gets tangled we just spray it with water, we have also used the Johnson and Johnson's detangling spray.
First thing we do is comb her hair, it gets all the knots and tangles out of it. Boy her hair looks soo long like this.

Next we scrunch it up some to bring the curls back in.

Most days we leave it like this and let it air dry. If we are going out or anything or I'm not doing her hair up, I spray it with Garnier's Curling Shaping Gel.(there was a coupon in the paper in the last couple weeks for $1 off any Garnier styling product so if you want to try it it would make it cheaper)

It doesnt take a lot just spray some on the wet hair and scrunch. You have options here you can scrunch and then leave it to air dry or you can use a hair dryer and scrunch it and blow dry, Or if you want to you can use a diffuser, we've only used a diffuser one time and it worked but i prefer the air dry method.
After all that fuss you get this.

For a simple finish we like to just comb the front/top of the hair over and hold it back with a bow, some of the time we do use a ponytail on the side then the bow. Its getting harder to do now that the hair on top is growing in more and getting thicker and of course curling!
Garnier also has a curling mousse and it work great too. It actually leaves the curls softer than the curling gel. And those of you wanting to try somethign the curling gel WILL make straight hair curly if you spray it and scrunch, if you use a diffuser or a hair dryer it helps it stay longer. The results wont be as curly as someone with natural curls but it will work.
Sorry for the not so good pictures, Little Miss didnt want to sit still for pictures.

Stay tuned next week for a really cute updo!


Andrea Hardman said...

What a cute-ee! Makes me wish for cute curls on my babies. Maybe I'll try the product.

Jess said...

niYour hairdo's are so cute! I just thought I'd give you an FYI. I have naturally curly hair & after 25 years of experimenting I found a CHEAP product line I love. It's the Suave Healthy Curls line. They have shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hairspray & hair cream. The stuff is GREAT for me & its less that $2 each at Walmart.

Diamond said...

I have a Curly Girl and finally read the book. Now we never use shampoo and ONLY use conditioner (strawberry suave). We apply Garnier curling cream while her hair is still wet and let it air dry for amazing curls.

The next day (and until we wash her hair again) we dampen her hair using a spray bottle, spray the curling gel in our hands and scrunch. Suddenly everyone loves her hair and her curls always look amazing.