Thursday, August 28, 2008

The "gwen"

Really, It reminded me so much of Gwen Stefani when I was done. My friend Jauna came up with this one on her cute Ky. Whenever I try Jauna's hairstyles they do NOT end up the same, as Ky has REALLY curly hair. Sophia's is SO stick straight. So I started with Jauna's idea, and had to finish differently.


I parted in the middle first

Then down the side

I did three up. Jauna did two.

Then The hair that's left on top made a 4th for me (made a third for Jauna's)

Without the fourth ones

With the final ones in.

Worked for Jauna and Ky to leave it, not so much on Sophia.

So we folded them forward and made loops

Added some bows

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Spiral Beehive

Oh my friends. Brief moment of inspiration turned long process. But not too long. Maybe 30 min. Be not alarmed, it was EASY.

This one turned out cuter than I thought it would. Soooo yay! I'm always looking for hairdo's that'll stay all day while she's in this 2 year old rough n tumble time. I'm also counting this as an updo. If you were to leave more in the middle you could easily pin it into curls to look dressier. (Hey, I found a new hair blog, she actually posted this one a day before even tho it did come from my brain, it was not original HAHA. So check hers out..I like where she started it! Pigs and Ponies )

Start off with your pony's into pony climbers

Then when you get to the top, go a row back and go around the head again. I did these in alternating colors so you could see the rows easier.

To make it look better, on the second row I placed the bands inbetween the two bands on the first row..Just cleans up the look a bit, makes it more interesting.

At the end you're left with a tiny pony in the middle, so I twisted them together, rubber banded them in the center there..

Only pulled half the hair through on the final loop so the hair would stick down under the flower clip. (Think messy pony) There are a few pieces sticking up here and there that wouldn't make it into the next pony. That can be alleviated if you hairspray them down. I didn't for these and I should've. But easily fixable.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Zig Zags

I laid awake one night and thought of this. Wasn't sure if I'd seen it, looked, couldn't find it. Planned on doing it..two days later the lovely lady of She Does Hair did it. hahahah

So I'm finally getting around to doing it myself. I need practice. It's horribly apparent (in a rush too..the parts are awful LOL). But it's DO ABLE on her thin/short hair so I'm excited.

Do a top part all the way across her hair and put a pony on one side

Then do another part all the way across and pony it off to the other side..Then repeat. It works well to get your part all combed and nice looking BEFORE adding the previous ponytail.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fancy headband

Well, the headband itself is not fancy ;). The do is def cute for a flowergirl or something similar. I wanted to play more sort with how I did that twisted headband. With this one I took it all the way around the head instead of just the crown. I have a bunch of matching clips, but it looked okay without flowers. These are the only ones I had that matched..they're not my DREAM flower for this.

The hair going around the head. See where they meet in the middle? I did it that way because I could tuck that down with either a bobbypin or another flower clip.

I did it without the top two and decided to put two more in up there.

With the other two on the top

You can see the flower underneath in this one (I needed one more set of flowers, so you can see a band there)

Without any flowers

Friday, August 15, 2008

How does she sit so still!

I've gotten this one a lot in email and a couple comments so I'll address it here.

She doesn't :P

She sits as still as a patient 2 year old can. I say patient because she does sit a little more still than I'd imagine others probably do. DS NEVER would've lol.

It started in the bathroom when she only had a TINY tuft at the top. Give her a toothbrush and she'd sit still for quite a bit (course, then I was only doing a single pony at the top).

That one still pretty much works. She'll brush her teeth for a good amount of time.

The newest one (and you can see it in the pictures) is rubber bands. She puts them all on her finger. Until the whole thing is covered. She also likes to dump out my hair basket with all my supplies. She ALSO enjoys using the water bottle to spray my feet, the carpet, her face, her brother..etc. That one really does keep her entertained. The TV is also on..I now style in our family room because I can sit on the couch and she can sit on the floor and mess around with the basket or water bottle and watch tv.

Watch them with the rubber bands tho. This last time she got them on really tight somehow and her finger started to turn colors. EEP. She hasn't done it much since..not sure if it's because I flipped out trying to get them off fast or if it tingled too much when the blood went back in LOL.

OH and sorting the bands! If you have a bunch of colored bands and an organizer (even a medicine organizer..the kind that says mon/tue/wed/thur/fri/sat/sun..ya know?) they can sort the colors for you and 'be your big helper'. She likes feeling important and like she's helping. You can also ask for her to hand you a band, a bow, a comb, hairspray, whatever. Even if you don't need it ;) She'll probably be more than happy to 'assist'.

April says: I have my 3 year old eat breakfast while I do her hair. she is a slow eater so it keeps her in place for a long time :) I too let her squirt everything with the squirt bottle... and she loves to drink out of it too, though I have to make sure she doesn't do that with the other hair bottles. Ugh.

haha Yeah Sophia drinks out of it too! I have to watch her with the hairspray because of it. Could you imagine that flavor? Yuck.

TF Says: I sit mine in front of the TV.....she's done it since her first pony at 6 months, and still now at 3!!

Dude, 6 months?! Lucky duck ;)

Jayme says: I love your blog. My little girl is 2 as well, so this site is great for ideas for her. I have been doing her hair from the time I could first make two teeny tiny pigtails at the top of her head. We called them devil's horns, lol. I sit her in my bathroom sink to keep her contained. She usually will brush her teeth while I'm messing with her hair, or if she gets bored of that, we'll make faces at the little girl and the mommy in the mirror until I'm done. Another thing she likes to do (that's also a bonus for me! Yeah!) is that I always spray her hair down with infusium before I begin. With her sitting directly in front of the bathroom mirror, it always gets all over it. So, I'll give her a windex wipe and let her go to town on the mirror. I have to watch her to make sure it doesn't go in her mouth, but it keeps her busy, and keeps my mirror clean! LOL.

Awesome idea! I wish I'd thought of this one! I wonder if it'd work to give her a dust rag and follow her around the house doing her hair while she dusts..mwahaha. Either way, you better BELIEVE I'm going to be using this one in the future! Oh and thanks :D I love having awesome readers! I also apparently enjoy exclamation points! ! !!!!! ! I'm in an expressive mood today, I guess.

Beckey says:.Chapstick!
We get cheap, clear chapstick and she gets to put it on while I do her hair. She loves it. Especially since its really the only time she gets to use it.
She could sit there for twenty minutes while applying chapstick over and over and over...

Ohh Also a fantastic idea! Too bad my son doesn't have long hair, he LOOOOVES chapstick!

Shelli Says: A dry erase marker is lots of fun on the mirror and will wipe right off when you are finished. That will entertain my daughter for a while!

Ok now that I NEVER would've thought of!

If anyone else has some good hints, let me know and I'll post those too!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thin hair 'french braid'

It's not at all a french braid, lemme put that out there. I have TRIED and TRIED to do one, but with her hair being so thin, straight and fine I can NOT get it to work. I've done this one before, and I KNOW probably everyone on the other hair blogs has as well. Let's just say it's the 'poor hair man's' version of a french braid. I really wanted to do them with this shirt and figured this was a close second.

This one is way easy to do, way easy to customize. Works with a headband.

Works with two bows..and it would work with bows at every rubber band (if you had them). Also probably be adorable with 'rag bows'..(tear some short strips of fabric, tie them around and leave them just in a knot)

I got an email from Jamie who has two CUTE hair challenged girls. The younger, Kassie, has thin and curly hair. This worked in her hair perfectly! In fact, Jamie has twisted them which is way cute. I've tried this with a ribbon but keep failing, I'll keep trying haha.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Snake updo slash um..experiment?

Well, it would be if you had lots of hair, like Babes In Hairland! Ever since I saw this one she did I've been dying to attempt a variation.

So I tried it her way, which did not end up amazing haha. (Yes, it IS clean laundry and blocks...Yes, I am grossed out I took pics with my house like that. Yes, I am normal :P )

See? Bobby pins plus thin hair do not work out well.

So then I tried this...

Mmmm no.

Finally got happier with this one.

Bobby pinned the ends down in there.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pile of Braids

Kinda based this off of my mop top one.

Pomade ;) Then braid

This is the first two.

I ended up with 6. 4 big, 2 little.

Top two went forward, then did bottom two and went under, side two went to the sides. (Tucked these two under two of the other existing clippies)