Thursday, August 21, 2008

Zig Zags

I laid awake one night and thought of this. Wasn't sure if I'd seen it, looked, couldn't find it. Planned on doing it..two days later the lovely lady of She Does Hair did it. hahahah

So I'm finally getting around to doing it myself. I need practice. It's horribly apparent (in a rush too..the parts are awful LOL). But it's DO ABLE on her thin/short hair so I'm excited.

Do a top part all the way across her hair and put a pony on one side

Then do another part all the way across and pony it off to the other side..Then repeat. It works well to get your part all combed and nice looking BEFORE adding the previous ponytail.


Brittany said...

So Cute, I am going to do that hairstyle on my little girl today. Thank you!

Jennica said...

you have given me something else to do.

The Petersons said...

That has happened to me so many times! I'm glad you posted it anyway. Sometimes it's good to see it on another head with a different type of hair.

Jamie said...

Cute! We did something similar but just on top of her head...not enough hair in the back to go all the way down. I like the way yours turned out. Anyway, I nominated you for an award. Go to: