Monday, August 11, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And a small blurb for Jill

To the lovely lady who does !!! ;)

Jill wanted to know what to do for her one year old who has little to no hair, so I'll put it here for others who might have the same question..

Sophia was completely (ok I guess not COMPLETELY..think downy chick) bald until she was 1. And at 1 I barely had enough to do one single silly looking pony right on top of her head. My biggest tip is take care of what she's got! I know they're just babies, but it's helpful if once a week you can condition it. I used my own (which is bed head's moisture maniac) and was very careful to not rinse into her eyes..but you could use one of the older kid's shampoos that has conditioner in it. Then they only have to sit through one rinsing (and they're normally tear free.) Scrubbing the head has been rumored to stimulate growth washing the hair fairly often and brushing with a baby brush after could help. Until it's long enough to put in a clippy on the side (basically all we could get Soph's to do) we just did headbands or combed to one side or the other. Mostly, it was not an attractive time for Sophia's head LOL

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Jill said...

I'm so slow to post to this, but THANK YOU!!!! I'm doing my best, she may have enough for one little pony on the back of her head, but it would be way back there as she has a long forehead. Thanks again, though, I'm not giving up hope!