Monday, August 4, 2008

Mop Top

Today I messed around a little. It'll take some perfecting, you'll see what I mean.

So, High pony.

I put a really waxy pomade on my hand and pulled the hair through it like this

Then tucked them under like this and bobby pinned them.

What it looks like after you pomade it. Makes it nice and pliable. I use bed head's waxy stick. Its REALLY nice and strong.

Basically I just started in the front and worked my way around..made sure to leave some extra in the middle to fill in spots that had a hole.

I didn't have a ribbon that matched, unfortunately. I just threaded it through and tied it in back. It looked fine without the ribbon. Can't decide which way I like it better. (Ignore the curls, they didn't stick around..her hair doesn't curl easily, but it'd be cute if you can get yours to!)


The Mom said...

Very cute... I've done this as a bun on my older girls but never thought to do it when they are small using their little "spout" on top! So sweet.

Karlyn said...

Okay, I LOVE her sundress!

Cute hair too!

The Johnsons said...

Very cute, Em! I wish I had your blog for inspiration when Cady was little!

We didn't get burned up, the fire was mostly out by the morning, they must have worked hard all night...


Princess Charmed Mom said...

I love this idea! She looks darling. We usually just went with the spout, but what a great way to make it different!