Friday, August 1, 2008

Our "canvas"

Goodness gracious, she'll sit still for getting her hair done but try to take a picture? Forget it. This is the best I could get for today. Sometime in the future I'll show her hair when it's poofed and has been blown out.

Like I said earlier, her hair is cut in an A-line. It's got about two months of growth on it. I'm stumped on if I should grow it longer or leave it short til it's thicker. Suggestions?? You can see that the side pieces haven't all grown in yet. That doesn't show when it's just down and blown out, but it does attribute to the fact that some styles don't work yet!

She wouldn't sit still, so the flash had to come out, sorry.

Her hair dry and undone.

Well, almost undone. She did it herself.

The A-line isn't over the top dramatic...which makes it easier to do styles on.

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