Thursday, August 28, 2008

The "gwen"

Really, It reminded me so much of Gwen Stefani when I was done. My friend Jauna came up with this one on her cute Ky. Whenever I try Jauna's hairstyles they do NOT end up the same, as Ky has REALLY curly hair. Sophia's is SO stick straight. So I started with Jauna's idea, and had to finish differently.


I parted in the middle first

Then down the side

I did three up. Jauna did two.

Then The hair that's left on top made a 4th for me (made a third for Jauna's)

Without the fourth ones

With the final ones in.

Worked for Jauna and Ky to leave it, not so much on Sophia.

So we folded them forward and made loops

Added some bows


Sara said...

oh that is SO cute. The finished product made me smile :) what a fun hairstyle :)

Lisa said...

it looks so cute on both girls. you guys make me want a girl dangit! i love Soph's hair before you tucked them lol. too cute!

Maylyn said...

That is way cute! The bows make it!

Iris said...

Oh I like it!! I am going to try it on my princess!!


Karlyn said...

SO cute!

seastartrue said...

I really like the way this one turned out. I didn't know there for a while.

I keep thinking about trying to do Sarah's hair, I had to sing to her while we were using the curling iron.

Anyway I like the looks!