Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Criss Cross headband

Ok I LOVE this one. not sure what it is about it but. LOVE IT.

So you start by an ear, do two ponies like this

Criss cross them until you get to the middle.

Then do the other side til you get to the middle

Then you have 4 ponies in the middle.

Criss cross those

Then you could put bows or leave it. I like it left alone

Monday, September 29, 2008

The winners are IN!

Random.org loves the following people ;) (Sorry for posting it early and cutting it a bit short, I'll be gone this evening and wanted to get these listed!)

Infant flowers go to Number 112 who said:

Double toddler bows go to Number 2 who said:

Single toddler bow goes to Number 44 (ok seriously creepy, last winner was 44 too) who said:

Spiky scrunchie bow goes to Number 107 who said:

Thanks for entering everyone! This was totally fun. The winners need to contact me by Email at emmersisthemommy at gmail dot com by Wednesday! All you people who mentioned trying the do's, I'm definitely interested in seeing them!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Guys, I'm SO excited to do this, look how beautiful these are!

The lovely lady from www.heavenlyhomemades.etsy.com and www.heavenlyhomemades.blogspot.com is doing a giveaway on my blog! I feel SOOOOO honored! So honored and excited that I will now end every sentence on here with an exclamation point!

This is BIG guys! We'll be doing 4 winners. Emily (from www.heavenlyhomemades.blogspot.com) said this about it "There are items for every age girl. They have snap clips that are great for babies with fine hair. The bows are adorable on toddlers and children, and can be attached to any of my headbands to put on the ones with no or little hair, and the Spikey Scrunchie are a hit with tweens and even adults."......!!! She is amazingly generous to be doing a giveaway this size, so show her blog and etsy shop some LOVE!

Without further ado,

All ya gotsta do to enter is comment on this post and tell me which item you'd prefer!!!! (Infant flowers, double toddler bows, single toddler bow or tween scrunchie...!) From each group (and you MUST pick ONE) I'll pick one winner randomly!!!!! I'll announce the winner Monday evening at 7PM EST. Make sure you visit Emily's blog and etsy shop to see more!!!

Ok, all the !!!'s has me exhausted. Back to bed. ENTER. WIN. DO IT NOW. !!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I apologize Walmart!

For dissin' on the bands that everyone else loves! Whether we got a bad batch, or it's because Shorty's hair is so thin that it's wrapped a zillion times, or they're just not my favorites, we seem to be a minority!

I'll never buy them again, but it seems like a lot of you will, so..forget I hate them hehe. I'll stick with rubberbands!!

As for hairdo's, we've been SO BUSY that I haven't done anything new yet. I study her head daily tho. I have a couple ideas I may try this week. Don't give up on her hacked hair yet!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Double Zig Zag

Remember the zig zag? It's no longer possible haha.

I decided to try this, and it will work. It didn't work well today because these rubber bands SUCK. Ya I said it. SUCK. SUCK HARD.

Okay, I'm tossing this in here because I had a bunch of emails and a comment asking what brand they are that sucks so bad... I really don't want anyone buying crappy products so I'll spill..These are the walmart ones in the baby section..the separated ones in the little container..lots of colors. They're awful, awful. One day in her hair they actually BROKE because we were in the sun all day. She hadn't even touched them, they just turned brittle and broke off!!

Anyway, if I had used rubber rubber bands instead of the 'no break' (which tend to break our hair MORE) it would've stayed in place. Mental note.

But you can get the idea :) I tried to go all the way down, no go. I'm thinking in a couple weeks we can.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

BABY baby hair and..OOPS, WHAT DID WE DO!!!

I've thought and thought about how to help those with even less hair than Sophia, and I'm not sure I have any more great ideas.

Jauna, you'll remember her with her daughter Kyleigh, has a little girl named Gracie. She's not quite a year old, so Jauna suggested that some of our previous hairstyles could possibly work. She set out on a mission and figured out one for sure that does!

I introduce, BABY climbers in cutie Gracie's hair!

Boy I wish I'd thought of those with Sophia! CUTE!

Also, I have some news that may be slightly disturbing to those who understand the real 'hair struggle' that faces some little girls.

We cut Sophia's hair.

Into a drastic A-line.

Not my intention. I said A-line, the hairdresser heard "OMG THIS MOM IS DARING! YAY!!!" And cut it pretty dang drastic. When I realized what she was doing it was TOOOOOOOOO late.

Don't get me wrong, the haircut is 'good' but it's TOO much (And I'm daring, check out my own hair!) I just hate when it turns into puppy dog ears. SO, I have cut it up a bit myself to make it less puppy, more little girl and it looks a lot better. I'll post the pics of before I cut it up. My snips didn't make a HUGE difference, just enough to make my heart stop pounding in my chest when I looked at her. :P

Sittin' pretty ;)

Yikes, right? This haircut looked adorable from the SIDE, but NOT in the back.

Is it just me or does she look 15 in this pic?

I guess what I'm trying to say is, our hairstyles will involve the top part of Soph's hair even MORE from now on. *Sigh* I'll get to work as soon as I can figure it all out LOL

Friday, September 19, 2008

The results are in!

The blog layout winner is Number 4! I'll have it up and running a little later today. If the other entrants would Email me, I'll get them set up to receive their prize :)

Now, as for comment winner!

The winner (off of random.org) IIIISSSSSSS #44!

Blogger Ginny said...

#4 is my favorite, hard choice though!

Appropriately enough, she voted for number 4. OOOOO LOTS OF 4'S! So Ginny, if you'll contact me at emmersisthemommy at gmail dot com we'll get it all set up!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We haaaave a winner!

Because I don't want to choose myself, I'm making everyone who reads this tell me which layout they like the best. Plus, it's your eyes that have to see it the most! You may vote either in comments or by emailing me at emmersisthemommy at gmail dot com. The winner gets a walmart giftcard and their choice of a headband, other entries will get their choice of a headband.

If you vote on the site in the comments, you have a chance to win one of these flower headbands (They fit infants up to adults..seriously, I tried.) I'll randomly draw a winner for that.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip down hairless memory lane

I got a sweet email asking about what to do with REALLY short hair still growing in. Lemme tell ya, it was NOT that long ago that I was trying to figure out the same thing.

I've sat and thought about how to help her out, and the best I can do today is show pics of what I did when Sophia had almost nothin.

Without further ado, Sophia's nonhair hair from last year. (you thought I was kidding!)

Here is Sophia in July of last year. (This is how much I love you all. I'm willing to put a totally dooftastic picture of me on my blog for you JUST to show you her hair.) Now, this pic is how I 'viewed' Sophia's hair. I cut up the back when it grew long and mullet like.

However, then I see pics like this (same day) and wonder how I viewed it as anything BUT a mullet :P

This is the beginning of October of last year.

This is around that same time. Notice, I tried to do whatever possible to make it look like I was 'doing' her hair haha This one worked well (I hadn't cut up the back for a bit) so this one is a possibility. She's messed up the top in this picture, but usually I'd part the top along with the back and basically GLUE it down with gel, hairspray, pomade, whatever would work. Then I'd put tiny little bows back there. It helped satisfy the 'itch' for hair.

Halloween of last year. (man I thought she had lots of hair....)

Now, in case you feel like it'll never grow in. This is the beginning of December of last year. She finally had enough to LOOK like real hair.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ribbon climbers into messy piggies

We finally got our stuff moved. I'm still unpacking but I'm taking a much needed break at the comp.

I played it easy yesterday and did this hairstyle. It's simple, cute and always gets a lot of compliments. I didn't take step by steps but you can figure it out with the pics. It's not anything fancy or too new, but another variation of a few styles I've already done.

I did end up clipping the extra ribbon. I wanted to find some pink bows to go in it but well..yeah moving.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Criss Cross

Today was a BAD SIT STILL DAY.


Rip my own hair out bad.

So um. This looks cruddy and uneven. But you get the idea. I wanted to go all the way down, but well..BAD SIT DAY.

Did I mention today was a not sitting so still day?

So you start with your first piggie and put a ribbon in there with it while you're wrapping the hair up. It's best if you find the middle of the ribbon and go over a little, but you should be able to tug it to adjust it after it's in.

So you bring it over to the other side and that's your beginning.

I decided to do four down her whole head (like I said, I stopped)..you could easily do this with two (I believe other hair blogs have done that) or other variations. So you just do your little ponies into ponies.

Just keep crossin.

Looked cute with four, decided to do it into two so I could have matching bows, then couldn't find said bows. I liked it both ways, but the two would've looked better with bows. Four seemed to stand alone well.

You could always leave the ribbon longer, curl the back..etc. I would've fixed it all up but um..our ceiling fell in yesterday, so we've been living in craziness. That's my excuse. Is it good enough? Am I out of trouble?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Requested pic of the Thermal Heat Setting Spray

One more tip. Do NOT get this on your mirrors. Just..don't. Trust me.

Braided Flower

Modified from Piper's Hairdo's. It actually started out as just me braiding some pieces and ended up looking like Piper's..which makes me happy. I know it's not the same AT ALL, but I've loved that one from the second I saw it. So I SORTA found a way to do it. (Edited to add-I also just realized that Hair Today did a version of it too)

We CAN do a full pony but it's really sad looking, so we don't. So half pony.

I pushed some hair to each side and found the longest pieces (the middle ones) to braid. Pomade.

Then braided and tucked two on top and two on bottom.

Then I undid the side pieces I was keeping. Since they were short I thought they'd work best for the regular hair parts instead of trying to braid them. So I tucked one forward

And one at the bottom and one on each side. Then left some pokey pieces because they were too short, and I thought they were cute spiky anyway.

Bending forward.