Friday, September 5, 2008

Criss Cross

Today was a BAD SIT STILL DAY.


Rip my own hair out bad.

So um. This looks cruddy and uneven. But you get the idea. I wanted to go all the way down, but well..BAD SIT DAY.

Did I mention today was a not sitting so still day?

So you start with your first piggie and put a ribbon in there with it while you're wrapping the hair up. It's best if you find the middle of the ribbon and go over a little, but you should be able to tug it to adjust it after it's in.

So you bring it over to the other side and that's your beginning.

I decided to do four down her whole head (like I said, I stopped) could easily do this with two (I believe other hair blogs have done that) or other variations. So you just do your little ponies into ponies.

Just keep crossin.

Looked cute with four, decided to do it into two so I could have matching bows, then couldn't find said bows. I liked it both ways, but the two would've looked better with bows. Four seemed to stand alone well.

You could always leave the ribbon longer, curl the back..etc. I would've fixed it all up but um..our ceiling fell in yesterday, so we've been living in craziness. That's my excuse. Is it good enough? Am I out of trouble?


Becki said...

Turned out cute!! I hate it when we have days where they don't like to sit still. And your ceiling fell in?? Oh my gosh! You are totally not in trouble. Yikes!

Autumn said...

I really like it!
Hope you get your ceiling fixed soon!

Sara said...

very cute and your title got me singing

"kris kross will make ya JUMP JUMP"


snozzberries said...

Yeh!!! We did this one today and got TONS of compliments!!! Thanks a bunch!!!!!

Emmers said...

hahah Ya every time I see my own title I start humming Kris Kross. *shakes head at self*

Snozz! AWESOME!!! For some reason whenever 'we' get compliments, Sophia is with my husband LOL

happy mom said...

I just had to comment and say, my daughter was not born bald (close though) but she is two also, and your daughter has double my daughters hair (one of them at least) I do have one daughter with a ton of hair. but maybe in a few years these tips will be helpful!

Jill said...

I think it's very cute too. I need some help. A reader from your blog entered my giveaway and she won. She's not checked back, though, and her blog is private, so I can't even let her know. Can you help me track down cms87? If so thanks a million, if not, don't even worry about it.

Emmers said...

Happy mom- I had to check out your blog, your kids are BEAUTIFUL! Maybe she'll get a spurt of growth soon haha. Sophia had NOTHING until a year ago and then it just suddenly grew in!