Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip down hairless memory lane

I got a sweet email asking about what to do with REALLY short hair still growing in. Lemme tell ya, it was NOT that long ago that I was trying to figure out the same thing.

I've sat and thought about how to help her out, and the best I can do today is show pics of what I did when Sophia had almost nothin.

Without further ado, Sophia's nonhair hair from last year. (you thought I was kidding!)

Here is Sophia in July of last year. (This is how much I love you all. I'm willing to put a totally dooftastic picture of me on my blog for you JUST to show you her hair.) Now, this pic is how I 'viewed' Sophia's hair. I cut up the back when it grew long and mullet like.

However, then I see pics like this (same day) and wonder how I viewed it as anything BUT a mullet :P

This is the beginning of October of last year.

This is around that same time. Notice, I tried to do whatever possible to make it look like I was 'doing' her hair haha This one worked well (I hadn't cut up the back for a bit) so this one is a possibility. She's messed up the top in this picture, but usually I'd part the top along with the back and basically GLUE it down with gel, hairspray, pomade, whatever would work. Then I'd put tiny little bows back there. It helped satisfy the 'itch' for hair.

Halloween of last year. (man I thought she had lots of hair....)

Now, in case you feel like it'll never grow in. This is the beginning of December of last year. She finally had enough to LOOK like real hair.


Bonny said...

We're there with you. No hair for at least a year. I remember the first time I could do full piggies in my girls hair. It always made them look so big!

Karen said...

"dooftastic" is the funniest word ever! I laughed out loud and will use it whenever possible. You could probably say I'm a little dooftastic (in a lot of ways).

Whimsy Portraits said...

Oh, I love you. I've finally come out of hiding and officially delurking.

I broke out the elastic and tried 2 piggie tails this weekend. I'll have to post it and linky link back to you later this week!

Thank you so much!!! I feel better!