Monday, August 18, 2008

Fancy headband

Well, the headband itself is not fancy ;). The do is def cute for a flowergirl or something similar. I wanted to play more sort with how I did that twisted headband. With this one I took it all the way around the head instead of just the crown. I have a bunch of matching clips, but it looked okay without flowers. These are the only ones I had that matched..they're not my DREAM flower for this.

The hair going around the head. See where they meet in the middle? I did it that way because I could tuck that down with either a bobbypin or another flower clip.

I did it without the top two and decided to put two more in up there.

With the other two on the top

You can see the flower underneath in this one (I needed one more set of flowers, so you can see a band there)

Without any flowers


JAMIE said...

Now that is cute. I'm for sure going to try this one on Kassie. Thanks for the idea! (yay! a new do for my baldie girl!)

Megan said...

I am so going to try this style. You have a cute model to work with! I also have a 2 yr old (almost 3) who has hair growing issues LOL So I just started a hair blog too and would love to add you to my blog roll if you dont mind and link you from time to time. I would love it if you added me too!

jess said...

SO cute!! I'm gonna have to try this.

Iris said...

I love this one! I am going to give it a try with my 3 year old!!
Thanks for sharing!