Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Braided Bunz

Yeah, not so creative on the names or the hairstyle today.

Soph was in a bad mood today so the pics are pretty lackluster and the hairdo had to be fast.


Then I put some pomade on my hands, ran it through the piggies and braided them as far as I could go without getting tons of fly aways. Then I twisted them around like a bun and wrapped the non braided hair at the end around the bun.

Then a soft pony holder to hold the hair.

This was the best 'front on' shot I got. It's like she's 2 or somethin'.


allgirls said...

glad to see that there is another new short hair blog... i thought i would share mine with you and maybe between us we can make short hair cuter!! Thanks, Marcie http://allgirlshair.blogspot.com/

Jamie said...

Ha ha! I did this SAME thing with my girly yesterday. Guess instead of posting my bad pictures, I'll send people here. Funny! Looks cute though!

Dara said...

Hi, I found your hair blog by way of another and wanted to say THANKS, my daughter is 21 months and I am NO GOOD at her hair, but some of your ideas make me think I might be able to do something...and this morning I did...I can't wait to check back for new ideas!