Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Snake updo slash um..experiment?

Well, it would be if you had lots of hair, like Babes In Hairland! Ever since I saw this one she did I've been dying to attempt a variation.

So I tried it her way, which did not end up amazing haha. (Yes, it IS clean laundry and blocks...Yes, I am grossed out I took pics with my house like that. Yes, I am normal :P )

See? Bobby pins plus thin hair do not work out well.

So then I tried this...

Mmmm no.

Finally got happier with this one.

Bobby pinned the ends down in there.


Karlyn said...

Very Cute!

If you haven't notice, I always take pictures by the front or back door, and sometimes outside. That way no one can see my house. I too am normal!

Jessica Autrey said...

I like how that turned out. It was easier for me to do my daughter's hair when she was little (when her hair was harder to do), now she won't let me. I keep looking for tips to get little girls to let you do their hair. I used to put mine in her high chair with her breakfast and do her hair while she ate. Now it doesn't matter what I do, she doesn't like her hair done. If I do get it done, she takes it out right away. I'm jealous of all these cute girly styles that others do with their little ones.

lovingmysoldier said...

That is a cute variation!! I have loved that one also, but alas, I also have a hair challenged little one!! Her's is thicker so I will see what I can do!!

And I didn't even notice the laundry in the back until you pointed it out, LOL!! My house always has with kids!!!

Princess Charmed Mom said...

She looks darling! Some of our best styles have come from seeing an idea & then playing with the hairdo because it didn't look quite the same and/or I wasn't happy.