Saturday, August 9, 2008

Snake ponies

This was just gonna be the front row of bands but it was irritating her with the pony being so close to her face so I wound it back around. The last one isn't even, it's further down on her head to allow for a bow (so you can still see the middle made the bow even with that end band..the illusion of being 'even')

Anyway, I do like it for the off the face factor (ok she likes it for that reason hah). I figured I'd post it in case it sparks some ideas in you. It gave me a few ideas for how I could improve on it and I may try it in a couple days.


The Johnsons said...

All I have to say is you must have a VERY patient child!

That's a cute style, I like it with the rest of her hair down like that, very nice!


snazzberries said...

I'm actually glad you did this one. My daughter has always had the most hair at the top, so I've always done a little side pony on top. This is a great new twist to that. Think I'll try it tomorrow.

Emmers said...

Yeah I've decided she's a saint for sitting as still as she does. LOL

Snazzberries-I'm glad it's something that will work for you! This is the exact reason I posted it even if it wasn't my favorite in the beginning. A couple hours later it had grown on me and we actually got a couple compliments!

Jayme said...

I actually love it! I think it will be really cute on my 2 year old.