Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Spiral Beehive

Oh my friends. Brief moment of inspiration turned long process. But not too long. Maybe 30 min. Be not alarmed, it was EASY.

This one turned out cuter than I thought it would. Soooo yay! I'm always looking for hairdo's that'll stay all day while she's in this 2 year old rough n tumble time. I'm also counting this as an updo. If you were to leave more in the middle you could easily pin it into curls to look dressier. (Hey, I found a new hair blog, she actually posted this one a day before even tho it did come from my brain, it was not original HAHA. So check hers out..I like where she started it! Pigs and Ponies )

Start off with your pony's into pony climbers

Then when you get to the top, go a row back and go around the head again. I did these in alternating colors so you could see the rows easier.

To make it look better, on the second row I placed the bands inbetween the two bands on the first row..Just cleans up the look a bit, makes it more interesting.

At the end you're left with a tiny pony in the middle, so I twisted them together, rubber banded them in the center there..

Only pulled half the hair through on the final loop so the hair would stick down under the flower clip. (Think messy pony) There are a few pieces sticking up here and there that wouldn't make it into the next pony. That can be alleviated if you hairspray them down. I didn't for these and I should've. But easily fixable.


JAMIE said...

I think this would be cute for when I send my girls to ballet. Good replacement for a bun!

Brynn said...

I did a take off on this today & it it turned out darling. Thanks for the idea!