Friday, August 1, 2008


Today's adaptation is from Girly Do's!

I WISH I had enough hair to do three rows, but alas, I do not. I loved this one because it looks like it'll stay in, which is important if your little one still takes naps. (We also have a 3 hour cartrip ahead of us today, carseat hair=not pretty)

So shorties, here's what we came up with..

I knew that it wouldn't work for three without even trying, so I parted down the middle. I also knew there was no way to get 5 knots, so I planned on 3. It was still pushin' it, I must say. Soph doesn't have enough hair in front yet. But it sorta semi worked.

So, obviously, part in the middle.

Do the 'knot' by pulling the hair down through the middle of the ponytail (there's another pic below that shows that better) This is the one that proves her front hair is still not very thick.

Gather the first pony in the second

Take a break here. OK, not mandatory but today was a bad 'sit still day' so it was for us.

Here's the other pic I told you about. You sorta part that hair and shove the pony down in the middle.

Done with the knots.

The back. You could leave it here very easily, but it was lacking something to me..

So I pulled them together and put them into a final pony and pulled it halfway through on the last pull and left a little fan of hair at the top.

And added a bow at the rubber band.

She was refusing a face shot, so this is about the best you'll get. I left some of the sides down instead of pulling it all back to give it a 'princess' look. It'd be really easy to pull those up and get all the hair out of the face!

(FTR, No, the neon bands aren't cute, but the work a LOT better in DD's fine hair, the no break kind do NOT stay put. You can get these at hair supply stores, I go to sally's. I THINK they come in black. That's my next purchase)


The Mom said...

Very Cute! I'd like to see a regular picture of her w/her hair just down - you mentioned she had an A-line. It'd be cool to see how much hair she does/doesn't have! ;-)

Princess Charmed Mom said...

I love knots ~ they are just so cute! The fan of hair is fun too! I linked you today, sorry I thought I did that yesterday. Can't wait to see more fun styles!

Kelly said...

I tried this sort of on my dd. I actually ended up doing down both sides of her hair like braids coming down. Does that makes sense? It looked ok I think we may need a little more hair to make the knots look right.

Jenn said...

Love it!!! She is so darn cute! And knots are so terrific for road trips and naps- so very true!!!!

Emmers said...

Kelly, I'd love to see it, did you take pics?

Anonymous said...

YES Sally's does carry the black. clear and possibly brown rubberbands...i bought black, clear and multi colored ones today...they are on sale to this month i think 2/$1 for the 250 count bags

lovingmysoldier said...

I did this on my one year old yesterday, we only got one row right down the middle, but it was still there!! And she really doesn't have hair, so it can be done, even with little to no hair!

Emmers said...

Thanks Chattinmoma! I'll let everyone know :)

lovingmysoldier YAY! I'm glad it works on almost no hair too! Did you do a fan or just a pony?