Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Down to basics

A few people asked if I'd do some simpler stuff and some of the basics because their shorty doesn't have as much as mine. So I did these all in one sitting which should cover the excuses of A- hey those are sloppy and uneven, B- nice faces, kid and C- Uhm what's with the gross looking bows.

The closer in the middle piggies. These look good with boutique bows..makes them close together.

Yes. It IS a Christmas stocking.

These are piggies pulled down further on the head, the bows didn't wanna stay in this one today. In this one you can have the bows in front of the piggies (like I did in this) or you can have them on the sides (so on the top of the head).

Piggies in back

Some people didn't quite 'get' my version of messy pony. (Ya it's a Christmas tree.)
So moving on from the tree. Stop staring at it. Thanksgiving is next weekend ok.
No really, moving on.

Wrap the rubber band around a few times and then hold the band..

Like this

Then roll it down over the hair.

Then just tug here and there to messy it up

Straighten the hair underneath to sorta 'fan' out.

Yes. More trees. Look at the pony. Focus.

This one looks GREAT with a small bow in front, perfect for ballet class.

I did a video too..I was just going to do the video but some people don't like watching videos and some people NEED videos, so there. Now we have both. Note that shorty agrees with my tutorial.


L said...

you are cracking me up!!! Christmas decorations... HA! I still have my pumpkins on the front porch! HA!

Tasha said...

what kind of bows do you use in your little ones hair aligator clips or the snap clips?

Emmers said...


Hey Tasha, Good question. I think I'll make that my next post :)

Momma Miller said...

I'm totally cracking up at the "yeah, yeah, yeah" throughout. How adorable!

Dairmans said...

You crack me up...I am tired just thinking about getting the Christmas decorations out, and then putting them all away just a few short weeks later.

But, I didn't look at them, so thanks for the ponies. I am also looking forward to what kind of clips you like on your bows.

Sara said...

They are IMPOSSIBLE to ignore Em, Seriously. But i love it about you :)

Also cute model, AND adorable awesome bows on the messy pony ;)

Weatherspoon Family of 6 said...

Too bad you can't just come and put the bows in my daughters hair then maybe they would come out straight!=)

Jamie said...

Cute! And I couldn't ignore your Christmas decorations because I'm JEALOUS! My hubby's birthday is always the week of thanksgiving and he REFUSES to let me put up christmas til after his birthday :( So I'll just keep looking at your decorations until i can put mine up, k? lol

Mama Keith said...

HEHEHEH! Love the decorations! I would put mine up but DH won't let me until after Thanksgiving. LOVE your blog!!!!!

Andrea Hardman said...

You are making me laugh, so needed. And thanks for the tut. Also needed.