Friday, November 7, 2008

Well..shoot. Zig Zags puffy braids..or something

So really, this was gonna be MUCH cooler than it is. I WAS going to do this all around her head, but she would NOT sit still. So I took a bunch out and stuck with the top, which wasn't as effective looking. I'll post it anyway, and you can see what I was GOING to do and try that for yourself.

This is what WAS going to happen.

Did it all the way around..

Then I did a sort of zig zag with they slanted off to one side. You can see a remaining green band over her ear, that was later removed along with all the others except the top three.

Then I did one more zag and went back the other way.

As you can see, the plan was to go all the way around the head, which would work if your girly will sit still. Then end up in the middle wherever you want..I'd probably do some big curls and pin them in the middle if I were to do it.


Dairmans said...

Glad to see you posting again, I miss your shorty do's, because they are always perfect for my daughter. :)

I totally get it about not sitting still. I'm always afraid to start a hairdo that requires two or more of anything. I get a braid on one side of her head and then she won't let me do the other side, so I have to take it all out...Grrr!

Now she warns me before I start and says, "only one pony" about 18 times before I even get the comb.

Emmers said...

LOL! At least she's kind enough for a warning! haha