Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm BACK..with a WINNER

Sorry guys..I've been exhausted. We had a LONG Disney trip (which included winning the Dream Suite one night! WOOT). Anyway, here's our winner!


As for the person who referred the most would be Cynthia @ Confessions of a Yummy Mummy. Cynthia..I see that you're having a hard time right if you get the time, email me your address..if not, it'll be waiting until you can. *hugs*


cynthiaa said...

here i am!!

my email is cynthiaa_marie at yahoo dot com

thanks :o)

Chris and Bethany said...

A few posts back you metioned that you could set your pictures so that no one could steal them. Could you tell me how to do that? I would like to set mine and I have a friend who has a photography blog that she was wanting to freeze the pictures on.

Katy-the-Lady said...

My sister-in-law referred me to another hair blog. Can I just say I am THRILLED!!! My little girl is almost 20 months and even though she has dark hair, she didn't grow any until close to her first birthday. I'm so excited to try some new hairdo's on her! THANKS!!!

Amy said...

hey! i just found you from hair4myprincess.... she "refered" me on, due to my age challenged hairy baby girl! love the site, thanks for halping those of us out who have NO idea what we are doing!!!