Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sort of a throwback to the flower but it's a butterfly and not braided. And it's held in place with a rubber band which means, at least for us, it'll stay better.

High Pony it

Separate the hair. I started top half/bottom half

Then top/bottom

Pomade (WHAT! I can't help doing this picture every time..oh my, hey everyone, look at our WII Wheels! WOO! Did I mention I'm still on pain pills? Wow that's a mess. I'm not normally down this low on the floor..this is a really long paranthasee'd parentheses )

Then you bobby pin them down so you can get the band around. I tried to keep it close to the inner pony so it wouldn't be too difficult to get the band around.

Put the band around and you have this.

So you can see how it all got in that other band.

Then you can sorta play with the pieces and separate them making them more defined.


Michelle said...

Sweet! This is one I can do with my dd's Horrid hair cut! Thanks!

cakemama said...

boo hooo.... DD hair isn't long enough yet. Very cute though!

JAMIE said...

I nominated you for an award on my blog. Because you're the bomb.


@manda said...

soooo cute, such a great idea!

Carter said...

Very Cute! Love your ideas. I hope you'll check out my boutique blog at www.tinkerbellboutique.blogspot.com thanks

Whimsy Portraits said...

Okay...I tried the pomade on Miss M's patheticly sparse hair to do piggies...she looked like a greased pig. back to the drawing board. LOL

P.s. You've been tagged!


Emmers said...

HAHA Eileen! What kind of pomade?!