Thursday, October 2, 2008

Triangles 'n' wormy bunz

We started out doing something entirely different. This one just happened. I love the parts, I have to say. The wormy bunz will take some work. Getting the rubber bands at the base is probably the trickiest part.

First make a triangle part in the center of the hair. Then you twist the hair really tight over and over until it starts to curl in on itself.

Then you let it wrap around and around until the hair is all wrapped. Put a rubber band at the base to hold the bun.

Then continue making triangle parts..inverting every other one. (This wasn't very technical, I was in a hurry)


Sara said...

VERY cute! had to giggle at the "label" though ;)

Emmers said...

You're a piece of crap.

I mean... thank you commenter.


The Petersons said...

Adorable! I've said it before, but I LOVE her new cut, even if it is hard to style.

Dairmans said...

I used these to finish off my last hairdo, and my daughter loved it! You can see it here:

Joann said...

Hey lady! I just posted another style on my blog. I thought of your cute little one and her short hair when I did it. I have done that particular style for a long time, even when my girls had little to no hair. Just thought you might want another idea!