Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pony Headband

This is similar to a couple headbands I've seen on all the other amazing ladies' blogs. Some of them have done braids, some knots so I'm sure some have done these. I was just so excited to see that they worked on Sophia!

Next time I'll make them smaller so it's more headband like..but it was a good first try! Also a tip, leave some hair at the end by the ear so it looks more natural..don't grab it all like I did. (I think this has to do with the fact that it's short and thin hair? It looks fine on longer hair to grab it all which is why I did..) That's the second thing I'll change next time ;)

Part from ear to ear and keeping the hair wet, pull each pony into the next all the way across.

Pouting is necessary when taking pictures.

Yet again the best face shot I could get. Ugh.

Also, I decided to change the post before this one's title. I had a lot of emails about it and a few comments that it actually would work well for a lot of girls...ok and I ended up liking it after a few hours. So "Meh" no longer. It has a name now haha


Jill said...

Yay for this blog. My baby will be one in 3 weeks and she's so bald. I'm looking forward to a little bit of growth so I can do some of these. Any tips until we get to that point?

Emmers said...

Hey Jill!

I'm gonna write up a small blurb for you!

AimeeTheSuperMom said...

Yay! That's just what I needed to figure out how it should look all the way across. Pretty's hair is even shorter and thinner than your's, but I think it will work. I'm so trying it after her tubby this morning.